The True Spirit of Small Business Saturday

Curious Who You Indirectly Support by Purchasing Cherry Country Products?

This Saturday marks the 5th year of what we now recognize as Small Business Saturday.

In the last couple of years, a national trend has started asking consumers to think “Small” on the Saturday following “Black Friday”.  Small business owners are asking their communities to think locally and consider supporting your neighboring small businesses to help spread your holiday spending beyond the big box stores.

As a small business owner, I am frequently asked how many jobs our company creates annually.  So I thought, you all might be interested in knowing that, your purchases and loyalty, helps create 4 full-time, 3 part-time and 2-6 seasonal jobs.  So when you purchase Cherry Country products not only are you supporting our family farm but also helping us create jobs that support 5 families.  Additionally, because we use local artisans, growers and vendors to supply us with the supplies needed to bring all our products to market, you are also supporting countless other jobs in the greater Oregon, Washington & California economy.  Here are a few of the companies that we work with…

Guittard Chocolate Company – Burlingame, California 

Freddy Guy’s Hazelnuts – Monmouth, Oregon

Jacobsen’s Salt Co. – Portland, Oregon

Mr. D’s Wood Products – Lebannon, Oregon 

Gatens Designs – Portland, Oregon 

Creative Company – McMinnville, Oregon 

Hero Web Design – Jasper, Oregon 

Rose Restaurant Supply – Portland, Oregon 

Pak-Sel – Portland, Oregon 

Brown Printing – Portland, Oregon 

Pacific Packaging & Shipping – Salem, Oregon 

Packaging Specialties – Tualatin, Oregon 

Rose Paper Products – Salem, Oregon

Good Earth Pest Control – Corvallis, Oregon

The Revere Group – Seattle, Washington
Cooke’s Stationary – Salem, Oregon 

From all of us at Cherry Country and the extended family of local businesses we work with – THANK YOU for your continued support.  We couldn’t do it with out you!  Happy Holidays! 


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